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the final touchdown of america's last shuttle mission. tempers flare at a community meeting in san francisco's bayview district. we'll tell you why community members are so outraged and who backed out of that meeting -- walked out of that meeting. the fog is back. how will that impact the bay area today? also, a bay area s.w.a.t. team moves into action and the story is far from over. and garning. i'm mike -- good morning.
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i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, july 21st. early this morning, "atlantis" made what looked like a ghostly landing in the predawn light at kennedy space center. >> down and locked. main gear touchdown. >> the four-member crew and the second youngest shuttle return from space in triumph but less than a minute after "atlantis" had stopped rolling, the commander, chris ferguson, was putting the entire program into perspective. >> thank you, "columbia", "challenger," "endeavour," denver denver and and -- "endeavour," and our ship, "atlantis". >> the crew will now readjust to gravity after two weeks in space. they were able to spend time
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with their -- they were table spend time with their families before answering questions. dash able to spend some time with their families before answering questions. coming up we'll have a live report for what's next for the space program. last night, chief greg sur appeared before hundreds of people in the bayview trying to quell the anger over last week pea fatal police shooting. tara moriarty -- last week's fatal police shooting. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: we're here live at police headquarters where chief greg sur says that he will continue to try to make headway with members of the bayview community. he was booed out of a meeting but he says he will not give up. >> i don't care but don't
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disrespect all of the other people. >> reporter: now, sur came to the bayview operahouse packed with over 300 people to answer questions about the shooting of kenneth harding junior. emotions ran high. some accused police of planting evidence and trying to cover up the fact that harding wasn't armed. though, after an hour and a half, the chief command staff was concerned for their safety and it was time to go. >> everyone is acting a fool. it's time to act right so you guys can hear us and we can get them help in this neighborhood -- get some help in this neighborhood. >> reporter: some wished he would have stayed so they could hear him out. >> a lot of people loved him when he was captain and respect him as chief and snow he will do something. >> reporter: 43 people were arrested. those demonstrators were outraged over saturday's incident when two it officers
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tried to question harding and the shooting. police say harding fired shots at them and they have the lab results to prove he has gun residue on his hand. we just spoke to san francisco police and they actually have the evidence to show people at that meeting the gun residue slide but they never got to it because sur was forced to leave. now, even though sir was shouted down, that means he has to go back there again and try more. >> you can get more information on last night's chaotic town meeting by going to the website. we devoted a special section to this story at right now, fairfield police are searching for a man any say could be arm -- they say could be armed with a handgun. around:00 last night -- around
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8:00 last night police received a call from a woman who said her son had a gun and was threatening to kill ther. she was able to get away. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the house. they got a search warrant around -- search warrant around midnight and tried to make contact with the man who was not responding. >> at 4:00 a.m., they finally made entry. they were not able to locate him in the house. he escaped. there is a police warrant out for his house. >> his name is michael austin. he's 5'9", brown hair, brown eyes. police say he has a his trit of mental health issues and could be armed with a -- history of mental health issues and could be armed with a handgun. "the chronicle" reports ed reses can -- edreskin -- ed
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reskin will inherit the city's budget. san francisco's board of supervisors will consider a plan to help close the budget. the agency is looking at covering the buses and street cars with advertisements. the ads would generate about $500,000 a year in revenue. 7:06. we want to check in with sal and see what's happening on the roads. a new crash in hayward. >> that's right. we don't know much about it, tori and, mike. 80 northbound. we know it's at -- 880 northbound. we know it's at 92. it's an accident involving at least two vehicles. that's all they know. the chp will tell us more when they arrive on the scene. there may be some slow traffic in the area coming up shortly as we move the maps to the south bay. 101 northbound, the -- right
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around blossom hill, maybe north of that, there will be slow traffic coming up to the capitol expressway and past yerba buena and then 85 not all that bad. 87 is getting crowded into the downtown area. remember yesterday getting into sunnyvale was such adhere i think you will find it better to your liking. as we move the maps to burlingame, it's ekawly as good. let's -- equally as good. let's go to some live pictures. this is the dublin interchange. you can see, as we push in a little bit, 580 is the work horse of the bay area east bay here. 580, at 680, one. bay area's busiest freeways and certainly not disappointing. this is 237, stop-and-go traffic as you pass 880. let's go to steve. a little change today. we have fog out there. yesterday we were fog-free.
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but there's still some. but not making such of a surge inland. there is a little bit over the bay. but mainly it's confined to the coast. there is a little bit more of a sea breeze. a few mid-90s feeblest especially up towards lake county. the theme is we had a warmup. we'll bring the temperatures down and then stunned and monday -- for the weekend and then sunday and monday look warmer. redwood city at 81. faud, 80. berkeley, 70. slightly above at 72. it's really been the inland temperatures that have been so far below average. yesterday they went above. coastal temperatures have been -- have been pretty close. the increase in the fog. it's very shallow. it's only about 1,000 feet. it doesn't have enough juice to get going over the bay and the coastal hilts. upper 50s, low 6s -- 60s.
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moffet runs warm. 59 fairfield, 53 oakland, 55 san francisco. no sea breeze whatsoever yesterday. there is a slight component of one. fairfield at this time i think was southwest at 5. it will be cooler inland today. even though it will be still be in the low 90s. the reason being the low will start to usher in a cool pattern. if you are inland, it will still be warm to hot with temperatures having no problems get in the upper os or 90s. but -- 80s or 90s. everything though continues to be in the middle of the country where it's just playing hot. fog, son -- fog sun, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s.
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>> santa cruz, capitola end up with 70s. cooler on friday and then there's your warmup for sunday/monday. a manhunt is underway for a man suspected of kidnapping his elderly mother. jade hernandez joins us from daly city, one. places where authorities believe he may be -- one of the places where authorities believe he may be hiding. >> we've contacted the fbi. we understand it will be a few more hours before they will be in. the fbi says this california man accused of kidnapping his mother has ties to daly city and the bay area. he has not been seen since may and has charges. the fbi is accusing this man, 55-year-old marshall mcmain,
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ofian ducting his -- of abducting his mother. he's described as 5'9" and weighing between 160, 165 pounds. he has brown hair, blue eyes and may be wearing glasses. authorities say 5-year-old doris goldberg sufferers from dementia and cannot take care of herself. that's one of the concerns. she's described as 5'1", weighing about 135 pounds with white hair and blue eyes. there's no reason why he would take his mother from her moment, but the fbi believes the younger goldberg may be driving a 1996 gold four-to your oldsmobile, 3 szy 023, is the license plate number. anyone ho spots this, contact
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authorities. morgan hill police have arrested a man suspected of kidnapping a young girl and trying to arrest her. police say 40-year-old fidel tai goes gong grabbed a girl who was playing hide and seek with mer friends and she said he walked her to an area dovered by shrubs and -- covered by shrubs and was able to escape. he's being held in jail. why hundreds of thousands of homeowners may find a if check -- may find a check in the mail. a u.s. marin gets a huge honor today. the last time this award was given with a living maroon reason -- living marine. bill gates is trying to do what he does with his computers with toilets. ♪
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good morning. well, some fog there. most of it, though, is on the coast over san pablo bay up over the southern end. napa county. it will be warm to hot inland. not as hot as yesterday. cooler, coast and bay, 67. all right. thank you, steve. time is turning 7:15. with time running out and no deal in sight, president obama might be softening his stance in a contentious -- in the contentious debt-limit talks. alison burns is live from washington, d.c. with a surprising turn. >> reporter: that's right, tori. president obama said there two be no short-term deal but now his spokesperson says he may consider an extension. a few day -- consider an extension of a few days if it would buy time. now, he met behind closed doors with the leaders yesterday while the bipartisan gang of 6
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met at the capitol about their ambitious plan to reduce the federal deficit. enthese am seems to be -- enthuse am seems to be -- enthusecy am seems to be -- enthusiasm steams to be waning. >> it's like a zombie. we've been dead many times over the last few months. >> reporter: leaders are also pushing ahead with their fallback plan that two give president obama authority to raise the debt ceiling. house speaker, john boehner, and minority leader nancy pelosi, are holding news conferences this hour. we'll have their take for you during my next update. for now, we're live in washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. right now ben bernanke and other preg laters are testifying on -- regulators are
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testifying on capitol hill. bernanke is expected to face tough questions about implementing the dodd-frank law. that law is snowed to be the most -- supposed to be the most sweeping law since the recession. refund checks will be mailed out to thousands of homeowners who were overcharged by country wide. $108million will go to people who were overcharged by the lender between 1995 and 2008. the amount of each check will vary from less than $500 to more than $5,000. a ma preen who braved enemy -- ma -- marine who britished dash brained enemy fire will be receiving an award. he put his life on the line in
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2009 to help fellow soldiers after his unit came under attack. only two living recentiants have sleeved the award for actions in -- recipients have received the award for actions in iraq and afghanistan. a human rights group is reporting indense gunfire in syria. the unrest comes after a -- intense gunfire in syria. the unrest comes after this shooting was caught on a cell phone camera. syrian forces are conducting raids and arresting anti- government demonstrators right now. the protesters want the president there to step down. bill gates is hoping to revolutionize the third world and prepare vent disease by reinventing the toilet. the bill and linda gates foundation is distributing more than $40 million in grants to universities to help engineer a more efficient toilet. that could help 40% of the world's population who don't
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have flush toilets. that means deadly diseases can easily spread. some ideas include solar power, ones that convert waste into electricity and those that sanitize human waste. some doctors say s.i.d.s. may no longer be vell vent. numbers show 2,000 babies die every year. but some experts say they may be -- they may have been suffocateed. a campaign says a quarter of parents do not do it. the wayne of lawyer chain -- the wife of lawyer chainny
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mason, one of casey anthony's attorneys, his phone number was posted publicly. jose baez has received threats as well as casey anthony. ♪ singing and prayers took place outside the west county detention center in richmond. an interfaith group gathered to show their support. organizers say they've committed to holding a vigil on the third wednesday every month. if was a story we -- it was a story we brought you yesterday morning. also, the frightening efforts to catch a leopard that was terrorizing a village in india. good morning. traffic on the golden gate bridge looks good. we'll check marin and also have
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a look at the bay area commute -- coming up.
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ventura county health officials are warning people about a spike in rabid bats. they say 12 bats were collected from four moorepark homes over the last two months and ten of them had rabies. officials say they usually find eight to tell rabid bats the -- eight to 12 rabid bats the whole year. they are warning anyone who sees one not to touch it. it was a horrifying scene in india when this leopard wandered into this village mauling at least 11 people. wildlife officials tried to bring it back but it turned aggressive. this is a picture of one of the attacks when the tranquilizer did not work. the leopard eventually died
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from its injuries and the people who are injured are expected to recover. following up on a story we covered extensively yesterday morning, authorities are still looking for the driver of a minivan who hit and ran. they say the van bass speeding -- they say the van was speeding when it hit a motorcycle merging on the freeway. the minivan struck another car before the driver took off running. 35-year-old joseph yabes was on the motorcycle and died at the scene. the man in the other vehicle was not injured. i know just about 20 minutes ago, we checked in with sal and he talked about an accident in hayward. i also want to talk about the golden gate bridge. what's happening there? >> well, you know, the entire county looks good so. so far, so -- good. so far, so good. a little bit of crowding in novato as it usually does get slow after highway 37 on the
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way to the golden gate and you can see for yourself traffic looks pretty good. >> moving along to another picture here. macarthur maze is moving well. we talked about hayward northbound 8 0, that crash ended up being not a huge problem off to the shoulder. southbound, though, 880 slowing as you drive past highway 92 across the peninsula. traffic looks pretty good here. southbound 101 near whipple, a crash on the shoulder in redwood city. and northbound 101 in san jose, again, just slowest after 85 getting up to 280. 7:25. let's get to steve. the fog is back. yesterday the coast was clear. that's not the case today. there are areas up to southern napa county and over toward the marin/sonoma border.
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so some areas get the fog. no fog, no fog, hey, lots of fog. it's shallow. 50s and 60s. these temperatures are running about 2 to 4 degrees cooler. i hang my hat on that, that's the barometer so to speak. if a cooler pattern is in place. yesterday, west-southwest 5. today, 13. it's not strong but it's double than yesterday. it will still be warm to hot. for some, low to mid-90s but for others it will be a 5 to 10- degree drop, especially near the coast and bay. i think even santa rosa, concord, livermore, morgan hill, it will come down a little bit compared to yesterday. night and morning fog will cool us off. it looks warmer sunday/monday. plans to pay tribute to a bay area college student. the many questions that still surround her violent death. we're live in san francisco
7:27 am
where we have police reaction to a community meeting in the bayview district that turned ugly last night. it happened hours after, the -- ago, the final touchdown of the putting mission. we'll go live to cape canaveral. of the shuttle mission. we'll go live to cape canaveral.
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san francisco's police chief was hoping to ease the
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growing tensions tied to last week pea fatal officer-involved shooting. but last night's meeting quickly descended into chaos and confrontation. tara moriarty is live in san francisco with a look at the meeting that was shut short -- cut short. tara? >> reporter: we spoke to san francisco police and they say next time they might open the question up -- might open up the meeting to questions first. greg sur was booed and forced to leave but he does vow not to give up. [ booing ] >> reporter: now, sur came to the bayview operahouse packed with more than 300 people to answer questions about the fatal shooting of 19-year-old kenneth harding. but he was not able to defuse tensions. after an hour and a half, the command staff was concerned for
7:31 am
miss safety and decided it was time to go. >> that young man was the victim of neglect and abandonment. that boy was shot on the streets and the police officers watched him die! >> reporter: but many bayview residents feel differently. >> a lot of people love that man. they respect him as chief and know he will do something. >> reporter: now, this meeting comes on the heels of tuesday. those demonstrators outraged over saturday's incident when two officers in the bayview tried to question him. harding ran, officers chased him down and police say he shot at them. police say they have the lab hults -- results to show he had gun powder on him. this spring, harding was released from a washington state prison after serving two years for trying to promote underaged prostitution. now, greg sur says he will head
7:32 am
back out again and speak to community members and try once more. we're live in san francisco. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. 7:31. for the fourth year in a row, police officer deaths are on the rise. that's according to a report by the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. they say so far this year, officer deaths are up 14%. the big reason for this is because deadly shootings have also increased by 33%. so far the number of fatal police sheetings this year is at 69 n 2008 it was 40 -- in 2008, it was it -- in 2008, it was 40. the police department has set up an anonymous e-mail address. tipsters without internet access can also call homicide
7:33 am
investigators. there have been 59 homicides in oakland so far this year. but own lay fraction of those cases have been -- only a fraction of those cases have been solved. in a few hours, san francisco will reveal the plan for transferring inmates, to save money by saving money to county jails across the state. san francisco is set to get around 700 inmates from the state. the realignment is set to begin in october. an audit of california's prison system has found wasteful spending and poor booking practices. controller johncontroller john cheek's office released -- control her john john chiang's office released information and the audit discovered one prison department employee had been overpaid by nearly $15,000
7:34 am
after being fired. ohio state officials have yanked the license of a funeral home after they cremated a child's body. the license is suspended for six months. the funeral parlor may file an appeal. 7:34. a memorial service will be held tomorrow for cal state university student -- for a cal state university student who became the target of deadly violence. kate fisher of menlo park was studying to become a teacher at cal state east bay. family and friends remember her as a spirited young men who loved h.i.v. last week she was sitting inside a parked suv in east palo alto with a man and a woman and she was shot and killed. homicide investigators are
7:35 am
still looking for the killer and they don't know what led up to the deadly shooting. a price for renovating san francisco international airport terminal 3 has tripled. a spokesman for sfo says the success of terminal 2's reconstruction has set a higher standard and the current building plans now need to be revised. this attack the airport commission danceled the contract which it had already paid millions for. 7:35. the faa may have to shut down some operations tomorrow if congress does not approve a temporary funding bill. air traffic controllers would remain on the job but non- essential employees could be fur throwed and the faa would not be able to collect ticket taxes that help support the system. new technology is being installed at airports that could help improve privacy at
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checkpoints. new body scanners will show an outline of a passenger's body instead of a naked image. the new software was tested in las vegas last february. the new technology will be used in 40 airports across the country. today's early-morning landing marked the end of an era for america's space program. jim spellman is live in cape canaveral to show us the final touchdown of an american icon. >> reporter: good morning. it was really amazing just before dawn, the shuttle "atlantis" touched down. two weeks ago we saw it launch from here. did an excellent job of going to the international space station, transferred some supplies, did a final spacewalk. a little hard to imagine we'll never see another launch or
7:37 am
landing like we saw today. i think the word that sums it up is "bittersweet." people are here still enjoying it. but tomorrow comes the bitter. we know 2300 people will get pink slips tomorrow. they will be out of a job. and about 8,000 nasa employees will be out of a job with uncertain futures for them and a lot of uncertainty where the space shuttle program is going. tori? >> yeah. i heard the chance there might be -- there might be a chance for the americans to carpool with the russians to get up there. so this is not the end of america's journey into space, correct? >> reporter: it's not. it's uncertain what the next five, ten years will look like. in the -- in the middle term they hope that private industries like bowing and -- twoing and startup companies will develop their own vehicles
7:38 am
that can go up into space and visit the international space and the u.s. would pay for seats. on those, it nasa's inhouse project is for a longer- distanced vehicle that can go to an asteroid, perhaps to mars. you can see the uncertainty there. are we really gonna hitch rides from the russians? how long will that go on. this is gonna be a lot of changes for people, especially those so trapped up with nasa, so wrapped up with the astronauts and so trapped up with the 30-year space shuttle program. that will be a much different viewing of -- way of viewing space and their roll in it. >> yeah, i think a lot of us take it for granted seeing the shuttles take off and land. the 30-year shuttle program ends but sal castanedo, the traffic in the bay area never seems to end. what can you tell us right now?
7:39 am
>> well, i just got word of a new crash in san francisco. northbound 101 at cheesier claves. we're trying to figure out what's going son. that just came down. so we'll find out more about it. let's go outside and take a look at what we have. the traffic looks good -- leading out of the hoey rise. this morning's commute is okay. let's move along to the next element. not bad here at all. a small delay at the metering rights -- lights. >> theser chavez, we have an injury accident reported. watch for an injury crash there -- cheesier chaves we have an injury accident reported. watch for that. let's go to steve. yesterday, we were fog-free and terps warmed up and this doesn't take long this time of year. we've been held in check with an your of low pressure that's
7:40 am
been keeping us cool. it and the high-pressure system in the middle of the country. but i mean, it's dominating the -- almost the entire country. we're on the western edge of it. it kind of flexed it's must -- its muscle yesterday. well, guess what. the fog in 24 hours came back. it their get enhanced by another weak system. it doesn't take much that. will start a cooling trend. i think inland, even though we'll have low 90s. we'll drop temperatures to saturday. look for a rise in the temperatures by sunday and monday. a little roller coaster here. nothing extreme here. normal tramps -- normal >> normal temperatures --
7:41 am
>> no sea breeze at travis. today, west southwest at 13. it's weak but it's much stronger than yesterday. the sea breeze will need a little help. and that help will arrive tonight. for those away from the coast, it their warm to hot. low clouds and fog mean cooler weather for some but still warm to above average temperatures on a few. but by friday and saturday, that fog will be pickup.
7:42 am
>> san jose will be 85 today. los gatos, 87. woodside, 84. upper 70s, menlo park, los altos, 60s and 70s closer to the coast and in san francisco. cooler, friday, saturday and then there's -- there is a warmup. teaching evolution in the classroom is up for debate again in texas. the state board of education is meeting to discussion supplemental science materials for the upcoming school years. in 2009, the board adopted a standard to teach all sides of scientific theory but the board is under a leadership of a woman who disputes the theory of evolution. california parks could benefit from a new amateur video competition. america's state parks organization is sponsoring the contest in partnership with sony to promote awareness for the state park system.
7:43 am
prizes include play space -- playstations, laptops. and sony will donate every $20 for their software. submission deadline is and registration -- submission deadline and more information is at a woman visiting overseas discovers a fake apple store. what gave it away. also, the lockout could end soon. how the bay area could benefit from the proposed contract.
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7:45 am
7:46 am
there was some rather disappointing news that came out this morning. the number of people applying to jobless benefit the for the first timeupped to 418,000. that's up 10,000 from the week before and a sign the number of layoffs continue to increase. but continuing claims for unemployment insurance are down. that number slipped by 50,000 to 3.7 million. the deal for at&t to acquire t-mobile usa now has a major opponent, the head of the senate's antitrust subcommittee
7:47 am
is calling on the justice department and fcc to reject the $39 billion deal. herb cole, the wisconsin senator, says it's not in the public's best interest. in a separate deal, three house members, including silicon valley's senator, are voicing concerns if the buyout goes through. until now, there's been little oh,ed opposition -- organized opposition. and apple has reportedly leased a new office in cupertino. it features nine buildings and has room for 1300 workers. apple is not commenting on the lease and it's not clear when they will move in. just last month, apple's ceo steve jobs unveiled a design for a proposed it facility that would hold 13,000 -- a proposed facility that would hold
7:48 am
13,000. outside is the word "apple." that's a sign it's not the real one since the real ones only feature a logo. a woman in china says she has seen at least three stores that look like they could be apple stores but they are fake and she says in some case -- so nom -- in some cases, the staff could not operate a computer or iphone. nfl workers are holding a special meeting on the four- month old lockout. they could teach an agreement at the end of the day. training camps do open this
7:49 am
weekend. claudine wong has more. >> well, mike, it seems clear that the nfl wants the raiders and the 49ers to share a facility. in fact, most teams confirmed to "the chronicle" that talks are continuing on that issue and they confirm that those discussions began at the urging of the league but the big question is about where that shared facility would be located. the 49ers have put a lot of time and money into the santa clara deal and the team plans to break ground in 1 months. there is a -- in 18 months. the raiders may not want to go. they just announced yesterday that they have a plan to build a stadium right next to the oakland coliseum and sternly not a surprise that oakland city leaders think that spot would be a better spot for a two-team stadium. how is this all linked to the nfl? it comes down to money. in this deal, there's financing for an unidentified or for an identified new stadium around
7:50 am
the league. even though this deal doesn't say who will get that money for sure, the bay area is considered a top contender. now the questions are, will this deal get green lights by players in the league? mike? well, it was the first presidential debate where you could not actually hear the candidates speak. yesterday, six republican candidates took to twitter to discuss some of the top issues. the 90-minute debate was sponsored by they stay there was little interaction and at times it was hard to track an answer if it was spaced over several tweets. a man to -- plan to raise the state flag in the castro district this weekend has hit a snag. the original idea was to fly the empire state flag alongside the signature rainbow flag at
7:51 am
harvey milk's. organizers are working to see if the plan can be salvaged. newly introduced legislation two allow big downtown developers in san francisco to contribute a fee to a public it art fund. right now, developers are required to include public art in their projects. "the chronicle" reports that lee and did you are both sponsoring the ordinance -- and -- lee and chu are both sponsoring the ordinance. b.a.r.t. says their choice for seats may come down to cleanliness or comfort.
7:52 am
7:53 am
♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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the sonoma county sheriff's department will no thronger volunteer information about a -- longer volunteer information about a person's immigration state tis if that person was arrested on strictly traffic violation -- status if that person was arrested on strictly traffic trylations. the aclu sued the department accusing it of unlawful detensions and racial profiling. some die-hard comic fans are kicking off the celebration of the comiccon event. the convention is not just for
7:55 am
fans. it's also a huge testing ground for toymakers. mattel and hasbro, for example, offer fans a look at their latest toys and a sneak peek at the new ones. well, b.a.r.t. riders have spoken. when it comes to the seats, it's cleanliness over comfort. during the past two months, more than 2,000 b.a.r.t. riders participated in what is consider considered comfort and cleanliness. cleanliness scored 6.29. comfort came in at 5.2. different seats will be part of b.a.r.t.'s new fleet of trains set to roll out in the year 2017. >> all right. the passengers have spoken. >> they have. 7:55679 let's check in with -- 7:55. let's check in with sal. are things still busy? >> they are, not as it busy. but still it moving.
7:56 am
northbound 280 traffic is going to be a little bit slower here coming up from about the downtown area and then coming up past 880 and then into cupertino. this morning, just before casar caesar chavez there is an accident involving two vehicles there. i think you should use 280 instead. if you are driving through the area, 280 is much nicer. and moving along the 101 from downtown, we don't see any slow traffic heading south. let's go to steve. some low clouds, especially over the coast, up towards parts of southern napa county. it will burn off. no doubt about it, there is a bigger impact with the fog, even though it's shallow. more low clouds and fog. yesterday, it was just a few patches of some really thick fog. early clearing makes it inland, it's a sign of a slightly cooler pattern today. you can see from no fog yesterday, there's a lot of fog
7:57 am
starting to stack up there. 50s and 60s, already some mid- 60s. fairfield and concord. another system moving in will start to usher in a cooler pattern late tonight and tomorrow. kieler, coast and bay. not as hot as yesterday. morning fog will be on increase friday, saturday. it looks like warmer temperatures for sunday/monday. america's space shuttle program officially came to an end early today. how space experts here in the bay area are marking this historic morning. and a manhunt from oregon to the bay area is underway for a man suspected of kipping his elderly mother. >> reporter: mother -- of kidnapping his elderly mother. >> reporter: we're live at a
7:58 am
meeting where the chief of police was forced to walk out when "mornings on 2" continues. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year. your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark!
7:59 am
anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all. . good morning. welcome back to "mornings on
8:00 am
2." it's thursday, july 21st. i'm tori cam fell. >> i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. it was final touchdown of a mission. earlier, "atlantis" made what looked like a ghostly landing in the predawn light at the kennedy space center. >> down and locked. main gear touchdown. >> the four-member crew and the second youngest shuttle returned from space in triumph. "atlantis" will now be converted into a display piece and transported to an unnamed museum. coming up at 8:37, we will go live to kennedy space center for what -- about what this means for the future for the space program. a man accused of kidnapping his mother in oregon has now turned to the bay area. jade hernandez is live in daly city where she just heard from a neighbor of the man who is on
8:01 am
the run. >> reporter: that's trite, tori. we are touching basis with all aspects of this case. the fbi is accusing right now a california man of abducting his mother from oregon and traveling with mer. in fact, we spoke to a neighbor who grew up with this man years and years ago and she was very worried when she heard the news about what he's accused of doing right now. let's listen in. >> he's just not a well man. i'm very kerred for his whereabouts right at this time. and i'm hoping he's not close in this area, you know. >> reporter: we can tell you this morning there's concern for daly city residents because this man has dies -- ties to the city and the bay area. he hasn't been seen since may and has already been indicted on kidnapping, custodial interference and contempt of
8:02 am
court charges. he's accused of abducting his 85-year-old mother from ashland, oregon. she was in the care of her other son in that state. authorities describe goldberg as a white male, about 5'9" weighing between 160 and 165 pounds. he has brown hair and blue eyes an may be wearing glasses. authorities say 5-year-old doris goldburg suffers from dementia and alzheimer's and cannot take care of herself. she's described at 5" 1", wearing about 135 pounds. there's no word why her son would take her from her home. but he may be driving a 1996 gold four-door oldsmobile with the california license plate 3 fzy 023. now, anyone who spots these two should contact authorities.
8:03 am
the fbi tip line's number is at the bo follow of the screen. is at the bottom of the screen. reporting live from daly city, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. san francisco's new police chief is now facing his first major test. last night he appeared before hundreds of people in the bayview trying to quell the anger over the police shooting last week. tara moriarty is live to tell us about na town hall meeting that quickly turned into chaos. tara? >> reporter: well, san francisco police tell us they will try to head out again when the time is right. many were taken aback by just how tense that meeting got. the chief was booed and ultimately forced to leave. >> i can't tell you how sorry i am that this act of violence played out in mendell plaza. >> reporter: now, sur came to the operahouse packed with more than 300 people to answer questions about the fatal
8:04 am
shooting of kenneth harding. he was not able to defuse tensions and some of the crowd even closed in on him at one point. he was concerned for his safety and told sur it was time to go. >> the bottom line line is we as african-american people have not been given our justice! >> reporter: many bayview residents say outside activists smiled the meeting. >> a lot of people in this community love him. they loved him when he was captain and respect him as chief and know he will do something. >> reporter: in meeting comes on the heels of protests on tuesday. those demonstrators outraged over saturday's incident when two officers in the bay area tried to question harding about paying his fare on muni. he ran. police clayed him. police say the lab has tests of gun residue on harding's hand.
8:05 am
this spring, he was released from a wash state police be after serving nearly two years for trying to promote -- washington state prison after serving nearly two years for trying to promote prostitution. tara moriarty, back to you. that fatal shooting has prompted a number of demonstrations. police now stay most of the people arrested in downtown san francisco tuesday night lived outside the city. in all, police arrested 43 demonstrators, 26 of those arrested were not city residents and just 17 actually lived in san francisco. only one person taken into custody actually lives in the bayview neighborhood where that fatal shooting occurred. authorities have broken up a multi-state diamond theft ring. the fbi says suspects supposed -- posed as shoppers at various jewelry stores, including here
8:06 am
in california after larging to see -- after asking to see large gems. they ran out to an a2008ing car -- to an awaiting car. authorities say they made off are with almost 1.5 million worth of gems. divers are stoiching a central california lake for stolen items that you would be surprised to find fund water. yesterday, crews spent four hours searching for island lake near fakeersfield. so far they've found thousands of dollars worth of i stems including iphones, ipods and a big screen television. they also found a shot gun drills and power tools as part of an ongoing theft investigation. jury deliberations get underway in the trial of a man charged with opening fire inside a richmond church. two teenaged brothers were wounded in the shooting. prosecutors argue that marcell bugs carried out the attack to
8:07 am
gain standing in his gang and posted the violence in a youtube vehicle. the defense defied -- denied bugs is a -- as a -- a gang member. firefighters were walled -- were called to the fire on waller and steiner. two people who live on the top flat of this building are on vacation. firefighters say this was a difficult fire to get out because it was difficult gaining access to the attic. no one was in. >> ed -- the nonprofit group, environment california, says plastic bags often end up in the ocean where sea animals misfake them for food. the group also hold the -- hopes pressure builds for a state-wide ban on state bags.
8:08 am
starting this month, in fact, property owners will pay between 22% and 46% more for service. the ross valley sanitation district approved a rate like -- a rate hike of $118 a year. that brings the annual fee to $63. it's more in larkspur where the cost goes up $272 a year. those customers will now pay $864 annually. a memorial service is scheduled today for the ucsf doctor killed in a crash in san francisco's hayes valley. the man was -- [ inaudible ] >> we're learning this morning that they will add seat belts to the shuttles as a result of that accident. they will also hold meetings and create a "how am i driving"
8:09 am
hotline. we want to check in with sal. >> we want to start out in the south bay in morning, or at least right now. take a look at the map system, looking pretty good there. northbound 101, 2 0, i have some slow traffic. 101, better than yesterday. of course there's slow traffic. 280 is getting pretty busy now from downtown all the way up into the lawrence expressway and then northbound 85, right now near 17 there is a minor didn't. if you are an -- there is a minor accident. if you are a commuter here, it won't be good. let's take a look at westbound 237. stop-and-go traffic there, driving over to zanker road but that's all -- but that's about all. and then bay point looks good. still some slow traffic in antioch. since i mentioned san francisco, i will just say, san
8:10 am
francisco freeways do look good right now. 8:09. let's go to steve. we do have machines. now some fog has come back. it's made it in. i will show it to you for a second here. still enough of a northerly breeze so it doesn't go all the way up the coast. 50s and 60s now. a few mid-60s. that would be concord and fairfield. temperatures starting to warm up and the aforementioned fog as well. west wind at sfo. west-southwest, fairfield. not foo much in the way of a breeze. but a little stronger today than yesterday. some of that low cloudiness did not make it into napa bay.
8:11 am
that's another system tum coming down and that will start to cool it off. we're on the western edge of this high. so low clouds and fog. cool for some, still warm to hot for others. if any of you think -- in if he -- if any of you think anything over 75 is hot, it's too hot for you. i think we'll warm up during the weekend. it's more of a westerly breeze today. so 60s, 7 oh, 80s and 90s -- 70s and 80s, 90s, the five day has inland temperatures coming down over the next few days and then a warm up sunday/monday. >> all right. thank you. 8:11. the latest storm in the pacific is picking up power as it heads towards the coast of mexico. the u.s. national hurricane
8:12 am
center says hurricane dora is now 500 miles south-southeast on the tip of bau law -- baja, california. it has sustained winds of 140 miles an hour. it's now starting to steer away from land. waves from the storm did not go dover a small lighthouse east of ail you can pull co -- aculpulco. researchers say this broke off from one of greenland's glaciers about a year ago. since then, it's been slowly memberring. the coast guard has been monitoring the progress from the sky. right now they say it's about the size of manhattan. hollywood's bad girl returns to the courtroom this morning. what's at stake when lindsay lohan stands before a judge?
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. some patchy low clouds. otherwise, it will be sunny. still warm for some or hot. slightly cooler for some closer to it with 60s, 70s, still some upper 80s, low 90s inland. it's expected to be another whirlwind day of debt-limit negotiations. alison burns is live in washington, d.c. with the new done sessions president obama
8:16 am
seems to be cough -- concessions that president obama seems to be offering. >> reporter: that's right. president obama has vowed not to consider any short-term deals. but now the word from the white house is he might accept an extension for a few days if it buys time for something bigger. libert else -- liberals don't like the cuts to retirement programs and conservatives are rejecting any plan that includes tax increases. >> we're against tax increases. we're not going for this time of plan. >> reporter: nancy pelosi just trapped um her -- wrapped up her weekly news conference talking about the urgency of the crisis, she says it's important to remove all doubt that the u.s. will risk all default but it's still unclear how they will do it.
8:17 am
alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. president obama has nominated a uc berkeley graduate to serve as a judge on the u.s. district court for the central district of california. michael fitzgerald has been a partner since 1998 at a law firm in los angeles. his nomination must be confirmed by the senate now. there's warning about potential utility threats. state and local law enforcement agencies -- homeland security says it has no specific intelligence about a threat but there have been recent incidents about people trying to gain information that could be used in an attack. in al qaeda, an affiliate says the organization plans to roll out a disney like car poon -- cartoon similar to this one. the goal torques recruit
8:18 am
children to join the -- the goal, to recruit children to join the terror network. this is the latest eight tempt by the 2004 -- latest attempt by the terror organization to draw in recruits. :17. rupert -- 8:17. you are put murdoch's networks are set to lose ahead of the 2012 london games. it's the latest fallout from the phone-hacking scandal involving his media empire. team 2012 signed up news international as their partner. but they say the contract cannot be fulfilled as originally planned due to the closure of the tabloid. proposed changes would give australians the right to sue over serious breaches of privacy and that's something not guaranteed in current laws.
8:19 am
murdoch aaustralian media company, news limited, has denied any wrongdoing but is launching a review of its editorial spending. a group of investors is trying to pursue a second gold rush in northern california. they are trying to get an amador county gold mine back up and running so they can go back and dig for gold. the company is spending $20 million on the project. they expect to pour their very first gold bar by summer of 2012. binge drinking is on the rise and the state with the highest percentage might surprise you. data from the substance abuse and mental health administration says nearly a quarter of all americans have participated in binge drinking. almost 30% of people 12 and older reported binge drinking in the past month. north dakota had the highest percentage of binge drinking atty -- at 29.8%. utah had the lowest at 14.1%.
8:20 am
today, the fda will focus on a new type of product from the tobacco companies. they are called tobacco low zin -- lozinges. tobacco companies say these are a safer alternate than cigarettes. but critics say the product could cause another damage to the mouth, teeth and gums. today, little little is set to -- tallahassee tallahassee is set to return -- today, lindsay lohan is set to return to court today. court officials nothing has been filed indicating lohan has violated her probation and that this is just a checkup. lohan was recently released from 35 days of house arrest. 8:206789 the latest turn in the -- 8:20. the latest turn in the bay area crisis. and police in the east bay
8:21 am
say he was going for the cold. the suspect now named in a big money heist.
8:22 am
8:23 am
police in walnut creek have issued a warrant for a
8:24 am
suspected coin thief who literally went for the gold. they say he made off with $500,000 in rare gold coins from a dealer in the downtown area last february. investigators say he broke into the offices with an accomplice and went right for the coins that he knew would be worth top dollar. >> the front door was bashed in with a crowbar or something. this door was opened. that cabinet was opened. >> he went straight into the building, knew exactly where to go and grabbed the coins and was gone in a hurry. >> police say the suspect was looking to cash in on the soaring price of gold which is now priced at just over $1600 an ounce. the cost of renting an apartment is on the rise in the bay area. the rental research company real fact looked at 43 metro regions. out of those, the san jose metro area had the highest average rent and more than $17 -- at more than $1700. that's more than 12% higher than last year. the san francisco metro area
8:25 am
had the second highest rents in the survey at more than $1600 a month. analysts say the high demand for rental units is what is driving you the prices. right now we're gonna bring in sal castanedo. i know just a couple of minutes ally you were mentioning trouble out on the streets of san francisco. >> that's right, mike. we have a crash involving a bicycle and some sort of a motor vehicle. the fire department responding at the corner of pine and powell up there on the hill. so watch out. this -- this is also right in the middle of the cable car run there. there could be delays in the area. let's go outside -- or not outside but to the maps which is virtually outside. traffic is gonna be busy on 280 right knew the -- right through the middle of downtown. the 101 has become very slow. very slow from 280 to sunnyvale. 85 from about highway 76 to
8:26 am
about saratoga. this is the typical commute for a lot of people who try to get to their jobs. 880 is looking pretty good here as you pass the coliseum. northbound on the right. if you are driving to san jose, we wanted to show you this picture right here in downtown. you can see traffic is crowded. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. mostly sunny today. it their still be mild to warm or hot if you are far a -- far enough away from the coast. we do have a fog bank out there. it's mainly hugging the coast but it's moving right -- [ no audio ]
8:27 am
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swiss authorities are investigating what they call a caumy caudy attack -- kamakaza attack on his mother. they say conrad schmidt flew a gin engine plane right through her bedroom. he called her beforer did this to let her know he was going to drop in. he a long-running feud with his mother after she split with his
8:34 am
father. a group of doctors is going against the u.s. government's advice about when women should get mammograms. the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists said doctors should offer all women in their 40s the chance to get an aisle mammograms. that -- to get annual mammograms. that goes against the decision about those who are under 50 to make that decision. nfl owners and executives are holing a special meeting -- holding a special meeting on the four-month old lockout. we'll have a live report from atlanta coming up at:45.
8:35 am
-- at 8:45. today we could learn who will head the muni. "the chronicle" reports the man may be this man. the new replace will replace nathanial ford works left the agency last month. whoever the leader is will inherit the agency's $22 million budget deficit. and san francisco's board of supervisor the will consider a new plan next week to -- supervisors will consider a new plan next week to cover that deficit. they are looking to cover buses and street cars with ads. this would generate about $500,000 in revenue. the vine ill wraps would cover up 20% of the buses and street cars. but it would not cover up windows, i.n.s. since that would -- windows, since that would pose a security risk. let's check in with sal. >> 280 is crowded in san jose.
8:36 am
we'll start there. right now northbound 280 pretty slow. people are avoiding 101. and then really slow from 280, so people see that and they get on 2 0 instead. 0 in-- 280 instead. 85 is not much better. caltrain is on time. there's the engine pushing caltrain heading north. all right. let's go up to 880 in oakland, northbound and southbound, traffic is looking pretty good. 880 northbound after 66 we have some slow traffic. concord to walnut creek, stop- and-go traffic from 232 all the way to danville. that's a long time to be in traffic. and 80 westbound, richmond traffic slowing on the way down to berkeley. now let's go to steve. >> okay. some patchy low clouds
8:37 am
around. yesterday, where is the fog? today a lot of fog and most of it is moving up the coast. so it's cooler coast and bay. i was wrestling with the temperatures early this morning because you get that sea breeze and the increase in the fog. we still went with low 90s inland. we'll still hold onto warm to hot. the pattern is showing signs to be cooler. and then i think a warmer pattern on sunday. why would that be? because all of these systems are dropping down. the one sunday/monday might develop further out in the have pacific -- all the in the pacific -- out in the pacific. kentfield should be 85 today. redwood city should be 81. today, i went 80 and then berkeley 70. a little warmer, 72. that's closer to campus.
8:38 am
but temperatures near average to slightly above. inland temperatures are the ones that have been struggling for a long time to be 10, 15 degrees below average. not much fog, not much fog a lot of fog. this kind of puts a cap on things. 50s and 60s. mid-60s. but we're warmer than this yesterday. there's also more of a sea breeze from the golden gate out to the delta. not strong but it's more pronounced today than yesterday. the system right there that's beginning to move in. that will lead to a cooler pattern. high pressure will give inland areas some os and 90s. as that fog works its way up the coast and the next system settles in. that will give us more of a definite cooling trend. a little more of a westerly breeze. even though it's sunny, it will be nice for some. 60s 70s, and 80s. no cooling for clear click.
8:39 am
vallejo 7. it depending -- for clearlake. vallejo, 87. it depends which part of vallejo you are in. >> the city, and along the coast, a lot of 60s due to the increase in the fog bank. the fog their lifting dooling inland -- will be lifting cooling inland areas. this morning, the shuttle "atlantis" touched down ton the final mission for -- touched down on the final mission for the space program. jim spellman is live at the kennedy space center with a closer look at what's next for the space program. jim? >> reporter: yeah. hi, tori. it's really unbelievable to see this final landing here. they are spectacular every time they make a safe landing from outer space. this is just so special to know we'll never get to see this again. the historic program over after
8:40 am
30 successful years. take a look. >> an historic mission. >> look at it and make a memory because you will never see anything like this again. >> reporter: mark the end of an era. after almost two weeks in space, "atlantis" returns to earth for the last time, daning off -- catching off nasa's 30- year program. >> when you are sitting at that consul and you have the opportunity to come home, you take it, day or night. >> reporter: nasa says this could signal significant change in the future of spaceflight. >> we're hoping to bring in more partners to make space travel cheaper. >> reporter: it could be years before we see the next front tear in space travel. >> there -- frontier in space travel. >> there will be a rough spot
8:41 am
for a while but when we do get a good plan, a good selection that we can come in here and do what we've been doing for the past 30 years. shuttle "atlantis" is being retired to the visitors center where nasa hopes it will inspire future generations, the dream of space. back to you. >> all right. jim spellman live for us this morning. we appreciate your report. a new report is urging an over haul of science education, data by the national research council says students should focus on four main areas instead of member rising facts in many topics. the report will serve as a more focused study of engineering, life sciences, physical sciences, earth and states -- space steinses -- sciences.
8:42 am
:41. he had a horrifying dash 8:41, he had a horrifying run with the taliban. now a bay area man is back home describing his ordeal. we're live in san francisco where we have downed power lines. we'll tell you how traffic is affected, where it happened and the surprising cause behind it all.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
taking a live look at the big board on wall street, the dow is still up triple digits right now, thanks to some strong u.s. earnings, particularly morgan stanley giving a boost. that stock is up almost 8% right now. also, some progress on dealing with the greek debt problem. right now the dow is currently up 109. the nasdaq is up 16. s&p is up 13. bay area union leaders are calling for the federal government to stop business audits that check the status for workers. this after immigrations and customs enforcement asked the plan for its employee payroll information back in february.
8:46 am
labor leaders and employers say the audit's production can force out faithful workers. downed urpower lines in -- happening now, downed power lines. tara mori temperature ar -- it tara moriarty has more. we're hearing it maybe was a bird that caused this. >> reporter: that's right. is was a seagull. you can see they've just repaired those lines. so now the electricity has been restored to everyone. if we take a look at the video when we first arrived on the scene, you can see the bird was sitting in the middle of the sent intersection. it was injured, it was not moving and crews believe it flew into the power lines or it was sitting on a wire and it maybe touched another wire and the electricity will run between the two, electrocuting the bird and therefore snapping the line which caused the
8:47 am
problem. now, joining me live is lieutenant karen karr with the san francisco fire department to sort -- to sort of tell us when in happened. >> we were called out for live wires down and arrived to it live lines down, two of them. so we've been keeping pedestrians and cars away. pg&e arrived ten minutes late he to shut down the lines and replace them. >> and that -- >> reporter: and that bird was a little close to the wire and the crews could not rescue him right away. >> right. we just let the bird be. but it was agitated because it was injured and kept on going toward the power lines. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. the electricity, the lines are repaired. there's no industry. they do have a couple of lanes blocked off but it's not causing any major traffic problems in the area. and the bird has been taken in
8:48 am
my animal control. hopefully he will be all right. it back to you. >> thank you. 8:47. profool fans across the -- pro football fans across the country will be closely watching a -- watching a meeting today. they will be holding a meeting today. we've been hearing both sides are this close to a deal today. could they finally seal the deal today, holly? >> reporter: it's possible. the nfl owners are here right now at the meeting as we speak. and they could sign the agreement with the players. here is the problem. yesterday, the players association they were going to -- they --ing about -- they -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: with less than two months to kickoff to the 2012 nfl season, it's time to strike
8:49 am
a deal. they are hoping they can reach a labor agreement putting an end to the work stoppage. >> it's billion pairs against millionaires, right -- billionaires against millionaires, right? can you not meet in the middle. >> my working assumption is a time when people are having to cut back, dom promice -- compromise and worry about making the mortgage and paying for their kids' college education, and these two parties should be able to work it out. >> reporter: and what to do with some $9 billion in an annual revenue. both sides want a bigger cut. the players were expected to take a vote on wednesday but stopped short of making progress. in atlanta, it appears team owners might approve this deal. >> it's a level of optimism at this point -- what's your level
8:50 am
of optimism? >> it's cautious. it's cautious. i think we're making progress. it's off justly a -- obviouslyon a complicated agreement. but i think both sides are at the point where any can close, they should close and we should be -- where they can close, they should close and we should be in a position to do this. >> reporter: both sides could vote as early on the proposed deal. now, i don't know if you can see behind me but the owners are meeting in a room behind us. they keep coming in and out. whether that's a good sign or not, we're not sure. but if they do get this done and they sign all of the paperwork, then the preseason can start. and it's two attacks away -- and then two attacks paf that -- after that. we'll stay on top of this and have later updates in our later newscasts. >> meanwhile, the deal proposes funding for a stadium here. that's likely to step up
8:51 am
pressure on the raiders and 49ers to share one facility. both teams confirm they are already in talks for a joint stadium. but there's no agreement where the stadium will be located. the 49ers still plan to move to santa clara. just yesterday, the raiders unveiled a plan to build a stadium next to their current home at the oakland coliseum. 78:51. let's -- 8:51. san francisco's police chief was hoping to ease tension tied to last week's fatal officer- involved shooting. but last night's town hall meeting in the bayview quickly descended into chaos. angry residents started to shout at greg sur the moment he took the podium. right now, police are looking for a man who kidnapped his mother. police stay he has mental issues and could be stashed -- armed with a gun.
8:52 am
thank you, "atlantis", "challenger," "endeavour," thank you. >> this morning, the shuttle "atlantis" landed safely, bringing the program to an end. this will now be on display at the kennedy space center. john edwardeds will find out -- john edward will find out if he has to pay back millions of dollars in campaign fund. the commission will meet to consider if edwards' 2008 presidential campaign should repay the surgery $2.3 million. auditors state the campaign mistated it how much it should receive in the funds. edward has pleaded not guilty to charges he -- to charges he received funds to hide an affair. the attack at a luxury hotel happened in kabul, happened last month and the man said he was having dinner with miss family when three taliban
8:53 am
insurgents opened up fire. 23 people died. omar returned to the bay area last week but plans to go back to kabul in just a few minutes. at least 22 people are dead from the heat wave that's blanketed the midwest and the southern u.s. this week. >> the national weather service says 141 million people and half the united states are under either a heat advisory or heat warning because the temperature is at least 90 degrees. now they are warning the heat could last through the first part of august 0en -- ton the east coast. utility companies say they are doing everything they can to stay at full power but any are asking consumers not to waste power to try to keep air conditioning going everywhere that it's needed. a black bear in my yard. unbelievable. >> the heat seems to be too much for a black bear.
8:54 am
it hipped itself to the homeowner's pool. the homeowner dahled -- called police. by the time the police arrived, the bear had hopped over the fence and had taken off. it sounds good. the challenge to reinvent the toilet but the reason why bill gates says it's a matter of life and death o?oowq
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
bill gates is hoping to revolutionize the third world and disease by reinventing the toilet. the foundation is distributing more than $40 million in grants to universities to help engineer a more efficient toilet. that could help 40% of the world's population who don't have to flush toy lets which means -- toilets which means deadly disease could spread from raw sewage. some ideas ones that convert waste into electricity and a toilet that sanitizes human waste. a collection of never before-before seen photos of the it beatles has been sold for three times expected -- three times that it expected to be sold for. the collection is made up of 50 prints. the pictures were sold individually for more than $360,000. >> wow. sal, you are a big beatles fan. your thoughts on that story.
8:58 am
>> well, i would like those pictures but i don't have the money to buy them. >> no, unfortunately not. >> northbound 101 as you drive tonight between midnight and 5:30, there will be a full freeway closure between 280 and capital expressway on 101. midnight to 5:30. fog on the coast, a little on the bay, sunny to mostly sunny, hot if you are far enough inland. hotter friday, saturday and warmer sunday and monday. up and down. >> thanks for watching everyone.
8:59 am

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